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simple baked eggs in a basket recipe

Tie-shaped, baked eggs in a basket recipe is perfect for surprising dad any day of the year! All you need is a cookie cutter, toast and eggs!

Our baked eggs in a basket recipe doesn’t get any easier – you can skip the frying pan!

Little helpers can assist by cutting out bowties or other fun shapes from the toast and pouring Dad a glass of his favorite orange juice.

This breakfast is fun, quick and will jumpstart the day with a big smile from Dad.

baked eggs in a basket recipe

what you’ll need

let’s do it

  • place baking sheet in oven
  • preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • cut bow tie from each slice of bread using cookie cutter
  • remove baking sheet from oven and grease lightly with butter
  • place bread and bowtie cutouts separately on hot baking sheet
  • crack egg into cutout and pierce yolk
  • bake 8 minutes or until egg is set
  • serve immediately


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