Baked cheesy orzo with chicken and asparagus

Baked cheesy orzo with chicken

It’s all your favorite ingredients combined! Make this baked cheesy orzo with chicken and your favorite veggies like broccoli and asparagus!

DIY wedding cookie cutters

DIY wedding cookie cutters

Make your own wedding cookie cutters for the perfect bridal shower favor! Easy-to-follow instructions, craft metal and our templates make it happen.

Pumpkin mousse dessert for fall dinner parties

Pumpkin mousse dessert

Making pumpkin pie? Use up that leftover puree with this pumpkin mousse dessert! It comes together in less than 20 minutes.

Slow cooker bourbon chicken

Slow cooker bourbon chicken

Imagine our shock when we discovered bourbon chicken doesn’t contain bourbon! Well, we fixed that right up with this slow cooker bourbon chicken recipe.

Roasted carrots with maple syrup and pecans

Roasted carrots with maple syrup

A recipe for roasted carrots that brings out the vegetable’s slightly sweet, delightfully nutty taste. It’s an easy and tasty way to serve carrots!

Peanut butter pudding pie

Peanut butter pudding pie

Peanut butter pudding pie that’s light as a feather? It’s true! This is not the rich, ultra dense dessert you’re used to, it’s light and fluffy!

Make a DIY superhero cape out of a t-shirt!

DIY superhero cape

Turn your little one into a super hero! This DIY superhero cape is a breeze. All you need are scissors, our printable, a T-shirt and transfer paper!

Nutella coffee milkshake

Nutella coffee milkshake

All you need are three simple ingredients to make the best shake in town! Everyone will be asking you for your Nutella coffee milkshake recipe.

Chic DIY felt phone case with camera design

Felt phone case

A few simple stitches create a cute DIY felt phone case to hold more than just your phone. There’s room for credit cards, photo I.D. and even some cash!

Video showing how to make a crust-less tomato basil quiche

Crust-less tomato basil quiche

Cut the carbs and enjoy a mouth watering, veggie-inspired meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This crust-less tomato basil quiche is fresh and hearty!

ChefWorks chocolate chai cookies

Chef Works chocolate chai cookies

There’s nothing better than coming home on a crisp fall day and warming up with a gooey cookie right out of the oven!