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Monthly onesie stickers printable

Monthly onesie stickers printable

Share the first year of your baby’s growth with friends and family. All you need are our printable stickers, your growing baby, and a camera!

Watching your baby grow their first year is an amazing experience; capture their development with these monthly onesie stickers printable.

From smiling and sitting up, rolling over and laughing, crawling and clapping to first steps and talking, document everything and share with your loved ones!

Print our free downloadable stickers (they include all twelve months), stick them on your baby’s bib or onesie, snap a photo and let everyone know how far your baby has come.

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onesie stickers printable
what you’ll need
let’s do it
  1. Download printable and print onto sticker paper then cut out each month’s sticker.
  2. Put sticker on your baby’s bib or onesie each month and take a photo then send to all your friends!
Cheryl Says
Using our stickers to document your baby’s growth is a great way to update the baby book and the family photo albums.

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