Free temporary tattoos printable

Free temporary tattoos printable

Want to make your child’s next slumber party a hit for less than $10? Make temporary tattoos! It’s a fun activity that encourages participation and the kids will have their own personal ‘souvenir’ to wear home.

Download our free temporary tattoo printable filled with fun graphics. Choose an ice cream cone, cell phone or a pair of sneakers.

We used Silhouette temporary tattoo paper for this easy project. Although this company would love for you to use their craft cutter, it’s pretty expensive. Put it on your wish list (we did!) if you download a lot of printables. It’ll certainly be fast and make your cutouts more accurate. Otherwise, get your scissors and cut out the tattoos.

It only takes a few minutes to transfer the images and kids will think they’re pretty cool when they head home for the big ‘reveal.’ The nice thing about this DIY is that ‘temporary’ is the operative word. You’ve still got a few years before they ask for the real deal!


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